welcome all!

Begin your journey in learning to move, heal, nourish and care for your body.  We are busy women who have no time for pelvic floor issues and deserve more than the “live with it” culture so many of us are subjected to.

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welcome all!

Begin your journey in learning to use movement for your pelvic floor. Busy women have no time for pelvic floor issues to occupy their thoughts and zap confidence.  It’s time for the knowledge you deserve and learn that you have the power to move your body to nourish your pelvic floor. 

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about gemma

 Hi, I’m Gemma! Founder of Pelvic Floor Reconnect (previously called Generation Move).

I want to share with you why at PFR pelvic floor happiness is at the forefront. 

We all only have one life with one goal: to make the best of it no matter what that looks like to you. When you experience a pelvic health problem it is hard to embrace life how you want to.  There is a part of you that is held back, it can even affect your personality and how you view the world.

This is incredibly important if we are a parent as our behaviours, habits and lifestyle affects the one life our children have.

Pelvic Floor Reconnect wants you to be strong and fit so you can play now, and do the same for grandchildren later.

Gemma’s passion is to relieve others of pelvic floor issues, to give you another option that is not always offered from the medical profession. So that you start to feel good again, regain your confidence and bring back your love for life.

It’s difficult to do this if you are dealing with leaking, prolapse or pain. It takes up brain space, patience and our ability to love the one person that really deserves it – YOU!

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Banish Bounce Back Culture

Our online courses and one to one sessions are designed to reboot your movement patterns in favour of your pelvic floor. With slow and controlled exercises you will begin to switch on muscles that took a holiday a long time ago that have made the pelvic floor work harder than it was supposed to and become tired.

 These movements can give you back control over your recovery.  You’re not just waiting for your next appointment confused as to what has happened to you.  You can start to use movement to manage your symptoms and in some cases completely relieve them. 

There is no bounce back language here.  No pressure on what your body should look like or lose the baby weight language.  The message here is that you are amazing and perfect already.  The exercises you find here are about caring and nurturing your body in line with your pelvic floor health.

We want you to leave our courses loving movement, with knowledge that you can heal and to love your body and all it can do. 

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